There are many things you need to consider when looking for a security guard. Although hiring a security guard can give you valuable peace of mind and keep your team and assets safe, not all security companies are created equally. Read on to find out what to look for when

Why are security guards in such high demand?

Hundreds of thousands of crimes against businesses are still occurring each year. Common crimes include theft, robbery, burglary and shoplifting. If you are concerned about becoming a victim of any of these crimes, or if you have already been affected by them, finding a security guard is an obvious step to take.

Training and licensing in the security industry

The security guards that you choose should be fully trained and qualified to carry out this work. They should be SIA-licenced so you know they have received the right kind of security training. Guards with licences from the SIA or Security Industry Authority have received all the training needed to undertake this work safely. Your security guards must also be insured. Don’t hesitate to ask for proof of their insurance. If a security company refuses to provide proof of insurance or SIA licencing, look elsewhere.

Relevant experience

The security guards that you use should have experience in your specific industry. This means they should have carried out a great deal of retail-based work if you need security for a shop, or door supervision experience if you need it for a bar or nightclub. Whether you need retail, construction site, property, logistics, distribution or personal security, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to source someone with sufficient experience.


Don’t underestimate the importance of availability when choosing security guards. You need to know that they will be there when you need them to provide the correct level of support for your business. Since response time is so vital for catching burglars or thieves and preventing crimes, you need to work with security guards who will be there for you whatever the day or time.

Find a credible security company

A great way to find a security company that meets your expectations is to do your research and see which companies have the best reputations. Look at online reviews to see who has the best ratings and make sure you’re browsing reputable review sites that work hard to weed out fake reviews. The right security firm should carry out stringent vetting to ensure unscrupulous types. It’s also perfectly fine to ask to speak to security guards in person before you allow them on your property.

The security company that you use should take a real interest in your business and company culture. They should take your security very seriously and match you up with the best guards for your specific assignment. The best security companies also invest in continuous training so they can keep providing services of the highest standard.

How we can help

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