Security Guards

Security Guards protect property, assets, or people. Uniformed and highly visible, their presence deters illegal and inappropriate actions. Our vigilant teams look out for any signs of crime, fire or disorder, protecting you and your assets.

Welfare Hire

As well as Security Guards we can also supply a wide range of welfare facilities and small plant to your site.

Mobile Patrols

To ensure total security throughout your entire premises, why not consider our reputable Mobile Security Guards. Our fully licensed guards are a cost-effective, visible deterrent against crime.

Alarm & CCTV Monitoring

ABM Security & Monitoring can remotely monitor your cameras in real time 24 hours a day from our state of the art Sheffield based control room.

Alarm Response & Key Holding

For your peace of mind, use our dedicated key holding and commercial alarm response service. Out of hours alarms are not only inconvenient, but also potentially dangerous - so let us take away the worry and risk.