Today, more and more companies are opting to use high quality HD CCTV due to its cost-effectiveness and the ability not to compromise security.

ABM Security & Monitoring doesn’t supply or install CCTV systems but we work closely with an excellent company that specialise in CCTV installations, where we come in, is monitoring of that system.

Whilst having CCTV is fantastic, giving you the ability to watch what is happening in and around your business from the comfort of your office desk, what happens at the end of the working day when everybody goes home?

Your business is just as vulnerable as it was prior to having the CCTV installed. Should there be an incident of some kind during the night, the mess is left there for you to clean up in the morning with the added frustration of being able to playback your CCTV and helplessly watch the incident unfold.

ABM Security & Monitoring can remotely monitor your cameras in real time 24 hours a day from our state of the art Doncaster based control room.

Can you monitor my CCTV even though you didn’t supply or install my CCTV system?

The simple answer to this is yes.

If there is an incident during the out of hours period the person(s) responsible will be caught without the knowledge they have even been detected. Our control room can directly contact the Police on your behalf or one of our Mobile Security Officers can rapidly attend your premises.

Peace of mind for you, 24-hours a day.