Security Guards protect property, assets, or people. Uniformed and highly visible, their presence deters illegal and inappropriate actions. Observing directly, our vigilant teams look out for any signs of crime, fire or disorder, protecting you and your assets.

ABM Security & Monitoring can provide your static security, whatever your business sector, size or complexity, completing full risk assessments, site inspections, on site training – providing a unique service for your business.

We employ only the very best security guards in Doncaster to protect you and your business, who are trained, licensed and introduced into your environment with the sole purpose of looking after your interests.

Our 24-hour control room ensures communication is constantly maintained, regularly monitoring and checking with guards. A police link can be quickly established, if required. Onsite guards complete event and incident logs and supervisor site visits take place, enabling us to advise on any security issues, small or large.

Guards are typically required for the following sectors:

Construction sites, Industrial premises & warehouses, Schools, Offices and local authority buildings, Superstores, Transport depots, Garages & showrooms, Gatehouse duties, Gala & event sites, Hospitals and quarries etc

Remote & Isolated Lone Working Security Guards

We specialise in construction projects in remote and isolated areas, primarily environmental & flood defence. All the projects in the short video below were completed on time and without incident thanks to protection from ABM Security & Monitoring.

We have the vehicles and equipment to protect even the most isolated and remote projects. We understand that these types of projects are different to conventional on grid construction projects.

Our staff have the experience to be able to monitor long running plant, check fuel levels and fill up where needed. Monitor water levels and control temporary pumps so your staff are ready to work the next day.

These types of projects are usually off grid and relay on generator power, are our staff that work on these jobs are capable of troubleshooting breakdowns, we have multiple redundant backup systems in place to prevent you getting that early hours phone call saying there is no power on site.

All of this leads us to being security contractor of choice for companies such as The Coal Authority, JBA Consulting, ECUS Environmental and the Environment Agency.